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  1. ROLF, well I went back and read the last 2 years worth of comics. I had forgotten where I left off and thought It was sept of 2013 I was restarting from and somehow it was spring of 2011. Anyways i’m glad I re-read it , was fun! and wow more and more strange happenings on the island! I so love this comic. Id have bashed in both of the stupid dingbats heads by now I htink or at least tried ot take off and find out what in the world has happened ( to the world that is) Poor Tom needs a romance I think, some pretty girl to get stranded with him, can you imagine how jealous rosemary would get! and scotty too lol. I want to know whats in Toms briefcase though.. hmm maybe he is the one who ended the world and he is hiding he proof! lol and what the heck happend in that cave nad who drew teh pictures on the wall anyways or was he jsut seeing things along with teh walking skelton he was talking to..hmmmm