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      • Yeah, I was kinda torn about how to handle the guys’ facial hair. I mean, it’s been over a year now, they should both be rockin’ a ZZ Top look, but they still show as clean shaven… so either they’re eunuchs, or their bodies never actually grow and change because the island is actually Purgatory.

        The first hypothesis is disproven by Gretel convincing Scott he’d impregnated her – he may be an idiot, but he’d know if his testicles were missing, and the implications of that fact, vis a vis zygotes. The second hypothesis is disproven by the canonical growth of Rosemary’s leg and armpit hair.

        So I figured they just shave with a knife (which we know they have), a lather of shampoo (which we know they have) and a mirror (which we know they have). Not an especially clean shave, mind you, but it’d be close enough to be portrayed as pink in the comic.

  1. it was only a matter of time before rosemary stated to eat one of them.. lol lets hope she didn’t think scotty tasted very good! now what will he do without his pinky! this should be good…..lol God i love this comic! MORE MORE!