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  1. Heh… I think that Mitzi’s helpfulness is going to eventually freak Tom out. He’s already getting kind of twitchy, now I have to wonder which direction his freak out will go in. Will he think the “NEW” Rosemary is awesome, or be like “Who is this pod person? We must destroy her before she launches her nefarious plot!”

  2. Hmm… I wonder if Mitzi will eventually stumble across her implants and have her memory jogged enough to remember who she is.

  3. Rosemary is still at the bottom of that pit, holding her dolly and sucking her thumb.

    And why are Tom and Mitzy clutching the firewood to their breasts?

    • I think Mitzi is just holding an armload of firewood. Tom is holding his piece to his chest out of reflex due to being totally unprepared for help from the most selfish person on their island.