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  1. I love the comic, but I can’t see a book or collected works in the store. Do you have one? I want to give them out to my friends! (Anyone who has annoying colleagues will sympathise with Tom!

  2. Really enjoy this comic. However, I have just noticed that the arc on the app is different than the one on the web site. Seems that way to me, but I have had issues in the past, so who knows?

    • I’m guessing that the “app” is for the Gocomics website where Banana Triangle runs more than a month behind. Sorry for the confusion that must cause.

    • Well yes,confusion does mantle the coastal confinments where your characters dwell. You are certainly adept at exposing the human condition on a bare bones level. Speaking of bones, I notice a big difference in the schools of skeletons who drift by from time to time vs the remains of the few souls who have lost out simply from meeting triangle trio. I truly enjoy your work and hope to find an up to date outlet.(soon, as I suffer old age) I wonder if you eat mango? I find them to be a very stringy and difficult food.
      My best, T Texino

      • While I have, in years past. enjoyed the occasional mango they are not a part of my current diet.

        Thanks and don’t be a stranger!

  3. Well the strip was cooking right on track and Monday 12/5 seemed to set up a major event for Pearl Harbor Day* but instead we revert to more nonsense with Rosemary and Scotti. Oh well we must endure sorrow.
    *Pearl Harbor: A large Naval base in the Pacific that suffered greatly from a surprise attack by the Japanese in 1941 and brought the US into WW II (We did not want to be in this war) and caused folks to holler REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR! in case the Japanese did not know what all the shooting was about. OK, kind regards-Texino

    • The strips are posted many, many months ahead of time, Texino, with no regard whatsoever of the significance of the date. No disrespect intended! Thanks for your comment